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Earlier this week, I launched my contact center magnum opus – the ebook Full Contact: Contact Center Practices and Strategies that Make an Impact. Yes, after nearly two decades of writing articles, case studies and research reports on contact center management, I was able to overcome my Attention Deficit Disorder (hey look, a cute spider climbing up my office wall) and focus on creating a much larger work.

My intention with the ebook was to create a highly compelling, actionable and entertaining composite of the best practices and strategies I have uncovered during my long career as a journalist and researcher in this industry. I worked diligently to fill the ebook with tons of proven tactics and useful resources that managers can utilize immediately in their own contact centers to bring about big improvements and get executives to stop spitting at them. And while I haven’t read my ebook yet, I’m told by my wife and mother that I have succeeded.

To help get the word out about Full Contact, I thought it would be a good idea to be interviewed by a highly respected expert in the contact center industry. However, I then became concerned that they would ask some really tough questions and possibly reveal how I relied on performance enhancing drugs to help me complete the ebook, so I decided to interview myself instead.

Me: Greg, before we get started, I just wanted to say that you look fantastic – have you been working out?

Me: Yes, thanks for noticing.

Me: So, Greg, why an ebook?

Me: Well, ever since I was a kid, I have always loved books, and I have always loved electronic things, so I thought, “Hey, here’s a great chance to combine the two and create something that will be useful to many people.” Also, contact center professionals already have to deal with a lot of stress and challenges in their job; I didn’t want to further complicate things by giving them paper cuts.

Me: Imagine you are riding in an elevator with me and you have only 30 seconds to convince me to buy your ebook. What would you tell me?

Me: First, I’d look for scars from self-inflicted cuts to your arms, bleary eyes, and an utter look of defeat – the classic signs of a true contact center professional. Once I knew you were in my market niche, I would tell you that my ebook clearly describes the key practices and approaches embraced by the world’s leading customer care organizations. I would explain that the ebook shares what the eight or nine most critical metrics are for any contact center, and how those metrics should be measured. I would emphasize how you’ll learn proven ways to improve agent hiring, development and retention, as well as how to elevate your quality program, C-Sat measurement methods, workforce management efforts, and ability to effectively manage a multichannel environment. And if you still didn’t agree to buy the ebook, I would hit the emergency stop switch on the elevator and sing Michael Bolton tunes to you until you promised to purchase a copy.

Me: What if, instead of just 30 seconds, you had 45 seconds to convince me to buy the ebook?

Me: I would say everything I’ve already mentioned, then add that the book contains numerous research findings to support key points, and an Appendix filled with supporting articles and valuable sample forms – i.e., an exemplary quality monitoring form and C-Sat survey questionnaire, as well as a home agent agreement used by a leading contact center.

Me: And what if, while in the elevator, I fainted from excitement over how fabulous your ebook sounded?

Me: I would go through your pockets in search of loose change, then attempt to revive you to close the sale.

Me: Sounds great. So, where do I go to purchase a copy of Full Contact?

Me: That's easy -- just click here.

11/4/2010 10:51:12 pm

I was super-impressed with your delivery method because the instant it finished downloading I heard "YOU ARE NOW AN OFFICIAL MEMBER OF THE POWER GENERATION. WELCOME TO THE DAWN." Took me a sec to realize the Prince song on iTunes had just finished and it was just a coicidence. On the other hand, this might be foreshadowing of how cool this book is gonna be ~ can't wait to dig in.

11/4/2010 11:15:09 pm

Thanks very much for your purchase, Tiffany.

And you've given me a good idea: I'm going to contact Prince (or the artist formerly known as) to see if he and I can partner up to enhance my post-sale process.

Happy reading!



11/5/2010 06:56:27 am

You are a Customer services Guru Greg.

11/5/2010 07:05:07 am

Why, thank you, Muhammad! I actually like the poetic sound of that: "Guru Greg".

You can call me "GG" for short.

Have a great weekend!




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