Off Center
When you are burdened with a mind as manic as mine, having your own blog can be dangerous. Fortunately, I’ve trained my internal editor to out-muscle my internal madman, thus ensuring the only posts of mine that make it to the public domain are those that are truly fit to print – at least in my eyes.

You’ve seen how quirky some of my previous Off Center pieces have been, so you can only imagine how unsettling and odd some of the posts that didn’t make the final cut were.

I have neither the space nor the gall to include the actual text of the aforementioned scrapped posts, and you haven’t the time or the stomach to read them. However, I thought you might be interested in knowing some of the titles.          

Blog Bits that Died on the Chopping Block

-Ensuring Effective Self-Service: When You Care Enough to Not Talk to Customers

-Three Tweets to the Wind: How Social Customer Care While Under the Influence Can Enliven Your Brand

-Whatever, YOU Are: Dealing with Abusive Callers

-Micromanagement Is the New Black

-The Art of Coercion in Agent Coaching

-I’m Okay, You’re Okay – the Problem Is Those Freaking Callers: How Customers Ruin Things for the Rest of Us

-Enhance Call Center Aesthetics by Letting Your Ugliest Agents Work from Home

-Agent Diapers: An Innovative Approach to Increasing Call Center Productivity  

-Rev-Up Employee Retention: Make Agent Attrition Grounds for Termination

-Laughing at Irate Callers: The Intrinsic Power of the Mute Button

-Best Practices in Best Practice Practices

-We’re All Going to Die Someday: Putting Low Service Levels into Perspective

-UFATEC: Using Fewer Acronyms to Enhance Communication

I’m always looking for blog topic suggestions from outside contributors that I can reject. Feel free to leave some of your more intriguing ideas for future posts in the comment box below.

Melissa Kovacevic
7/29/2011 03:43:28 am

OK, Greg, I know I need the weekend off for sure now since some of those topics looking tempting for my next blog posts! You go first ;-)

Thanks for a great Friday afternoon laugh.

7/29/2011 03:52:56 am

I've already proven that my judgment is questionable, Melissa. So YOU go first!

Thanks for the comment. Glad you enjoyed the post.



7/29/2011 05:41:56 am

Bwahahahahahaha! Thanks for that!

7/29/2011 05:44:43 am

Sure, Robin -- but did you just have a good laugh or a good cry?

Here's hoping the former was the case.



7/29/2011 11:49:53 pm

ah, what a shame that some of those great ideas didn't make it....If your internal editor ever takes a break, I would love to read some of those blogs ;)

7/30/2011 12:31:12 am

Maybe I'll come out with an "Off Center Uncut, Uncensored and Unstable" edition, Peter.

Thanks for reading!



karen wenborn
9/25/2011 09:56:28 pm

Give me the ROI on that: Yep, it would be MUCH cheaper if we all went home.

Performance managment: But won't that make them unhappy?

5/18/2012 04:29:23 am

I vote for "Three Tweets to the Wind." It should feature screen shots of abusive and misspelled Tweets at 2:00 AM. Good stuff.

5/18/2012 04:39:34 am

That sounds awfully specific, Heidi -- are you perhaps speaking from personal experience? ; )

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!




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