Off Center
I know what you do for a living. And I’m here to alleviate your pain.

I know that you work in or around a place that gets inundated by thousands of customers every day – each demanding friendly, professional and efficient service without mistakes. A place that, by its very nature, retains staff about as well as Detroit retains residents. A place that C-level managers understand and respect about as much as they do public golf courses or flying coach.

I’ve written about contact center management for over 16 years. In that time, I’ve conducted comprehensive research on just about every customer care topic under the sun. I’ve interviewed thousands of industry experts, and hundreds of so-called industry experts. I’ve coaxed dozens of managers, supervisors and agents off of tall bridges and window ledges during their center’s peak season. And I can’t even remember how many contact center conferences I’ve attended and spoken at – mainly because I have access to the people who provide the drink tickets at the conference receptions.

Just as you probably never planned on managing or consulting to a contact center when you were young, I never planned on researching and writing about them. But here we are, so together let’s learn a little, shake things up and have some fun.

Every week until I run out of words, lose what remains of my mind, or get arrested, I will blog about key topics, trends and challenges in contact center management. Be warned: What you’ll get from me is not your typical clean, safe, cliché
corporate-speak. That’s just not “how I do”. I come from the school of “if you don’t have anything nice to say, write it down.”  Now, this is not to say that I will be attacking contact center vendors and other industry figures or constantly complaining about the state of the industry, but it’s not to say that I won’t be, either.

For those of you who used to read and actually liked my contact center humor column, “In Your Ear” – which was published by ICMI for years and years until the government intervened – “Off Center” will be like coming home again. I will employ much of the same satire and parody in poking fun at – while simultaneously paying tribute to – your mad and marvelous profession.

For those of you who never read “In Your Ear” or even ever heard of me, I forgive you, and invite you to come along for what promises to be a rather irreverent and wild ride.

And for those of you who read but didn’t like “In Your Ear”, well, I never liked you either.

In upcoming installments of “Off Center”, I will actually start writing about hot topics/trends/challenges in contact center management rather than just write about how I’m going to write about them, as I did here. But hey, “Off Center” is the sort of thing you have to ease into to avoid causing any irreversible damage to your cerebral cortex or career.

See you next Friday!
Michael Pace
7/6/2010 09:47:51 pm


So happy to see you out on your own where you can unleash your full personality and industry knowledge upon us. I look forward to seeing and reading your upcoming articles.


7/6/2010 11:33:55 pm

Oh, GREAT...He's baaaack! Who let the dog out?!?

Get 'em, killer!

7/7/2010 12:40:41 am


Congrats on launching your site... we will be in touch!


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